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Lawyer in Corfu - The firm

The office -Lawyer in Corfu

The law firm of Spiros Mauropoulos was established in Corfu in 2006. Serving Justice with professionalism and accountability he has created with his associates, a modern law firm with a constant and continuous information on the development of legal science. We update constantly our legal library and try to follow step by step the new legislation and case law. We aim to create trusting relationships with our clients and to provide full legal coverage.

For our office each case is particularly serious because the principals trust us to resolve an issue or to solve a problem.

Way to engage with prospective clients
  1. Meeting and update on the case.
  2. Review in order to conclude whether we can guarantee absolute legal cover. (We do not take cases outside the scope of our work)
  3. Provide legal advice and explanations about the prospective outcome of the case and the steps to be followed.
  4. Informing the prospective client about the fees and expenses of the case.
  5. Collection of documents from the offices (Prosecution, Courts, Landregistries, Planning, Tax Authority)
  6. Overall and detailed study of the document or other documents of a case and discussion with the client without any time limit for matters concerning his case.